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Consultation services: Regarding all aspects of organic, sun-grown, high value, small scale eco-wise Cannabis cultivation. Including:  Cloning, vegetation and flowering. Comfrey & worm farming  as well as teas. Companion planting , cover crops, compost, feeding & prevention, winter harvests and organic pest control.

Contract Growing:

APMS specializes in contract cultivation and primary processing on behalf of larger institutions such as The CannaClub. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Short-term inhouse training sessions:

2 Hour training sessions available by pre-booking from 10h30 - 12h30 daily.


Turn key solutions to allow multiple harvests. A pre-vegged planter obtained from us can be flowered in your own environment in 10 - 12 weeks during winter.

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Clones: Well rooted feminized strain specific clones from verifiable origins are available.

Price range from R220 - R150 depending on qty & availability. See our strain selection.


Planters are clones that have been transplanted into 4 litre grow bags & that have been in vegetation under supplemental lighting. They are available from around R350 - R750 per plant. A large planter will flower when it is deprived from the extended light cycle (15 hours), which is what happens when you move it to your private space for flowering (as long as it is not within the natural vegetation cycle, in which case it will continue to grow and start flowering when the summer ends).


Nutrition & Prevention: Starter worms, worm tea, Comfrey plants, companion plants, cover crops, compost, feeding & prevention as well as organic pest control.